Training project

The PhD in Philology articulates the training project over 3 years with a greater load during the first year of doctoral study. In this way the basic skills for research are strengthened to build a seminar and laboratory-type path that develops discussions with expert scholars and other young researchers. Doctoral students are required to report the results of their researches year by year, presenting the stages of progress and the critical issues of their work.

The activities can be distingueshed in 2 areas: courses and seminars.


  1. Digital resources methodology (30 hours)
  2. Theory of the text: methods of linguistic and literary analysis (25 hours)
  3. Communication of the scientific project (15 hours)


This second group of teaching activities is organized in three areas*

  1. Case studies (12 hours): 4 three-hour meetings on case studies with professors of the scientific board or with external guests
  2. State of the art (12 hours): 4 seminars of 3 hours on bibliographic innovations in philological-linguistic-literary research
  3. Research paths (18 hours): doctoral students hold a public seminar every year in which they explain the progress of their research. These seminars constitute an element of evaluation for the passage of the year.

*For third year doctoral students only the 3rd area is mandatory.